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Who am I?


I am the kind of person who has an MA in Linguistics and International Communication from the University of Aarhus, Denmark. I have worked in the online marketing business for 5+ years and especially worked with website projects – both as a web developer, web designer, project manager and copywriter. To deepen my web development skills I have taken several courses, including a three months Front End Developer course from Scrimba.


On the personal level I am the kind of person who study and teach yoga and get excited about everyday miracles (such as sunrises and café lattes). I’m pursuing a healthy life-work-balance and as a part of that I have started a life as a digital nomad. At the moment I enjoy the warm weather and calm culture of Bali. But don’t worry, you can still get a hang of me. Both the Wi-Fi and time difference work just fine.

A big thank you to Ashtanga Yoga Mira Wøhlk for letting me borrow her yoga studio for images.

creative structured team player curious responsible independent thorough trustworthy

pincha mayurasana working upside down

I don’t mind getting upside down to add that little extra something.